DC Imperator A Super Car Shown by DC Design in Auto Expo

DC Imperator shown by DC Design a company of well known car designer Dilip Chhabria in Delhi Auto Expo 2010 ment to show how in future cars are going to look like.The car Imperator is the combination of super car and SUV,inherits solid buildup from a super car and ground clearance and suspension from a sports utility vehicle.This super car have a gull wing door and large 28-inch wheels, with full entertainment features that included television screens for each passenger.DC Imperator matches its features with Lexus 2054 shown in the movie adaption of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report.

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  1. Idalia Gonzalez

    Dec 10. 2010

    WWWWOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this car will be the best car on the planet earth this would be my best christmas present ever ………… THANK YOU FOR INVENTING THIS AWESOME PIECE OF WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!