How To Protect Your Car Paint From The Sun

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Sun exposure ruins the paint due to oxidization and the paint loses its color. Like the exterior, the sun also damages the car interior but the best car covers can protect our vehicles. We know how much damaging are the ultraviolet rays and make a new car look too old. Only covered parking like a garage can block the sun but you have to be careful while parking on the road. Try to park under a shade or in public parking lots which are covered. The sun does not only destroy the paint but also damages the headlights, tires, and the rubber trims. There are different ways to keep your vehicle new and if you follow them carefully, you will have zero damage or no damage at all. The preventive measures also protect the car from dead bugs, leaves, dust, and caustic bird dropping.

Proven Tips To Protect The Car Paint

You should frequently wash your car or other vehicles but under the shade instead of in an open area. Also, consider cleaning the car seat covers while washing the exterior. Gently pour water on the car and remove dust or other debris and then dry it off with a dry cloth. Don’t scratch stubborn stains of bugs or mud, instead, clean them with an auto detailing clay bar to prevent the scratches.

Don’t let the car air dry because such exposure will cause spots that happen due to water minerals. Use a cotton cloth and hand dry your car. Never use harsh cloth or silky cloth as they will cause scratches. Do the same with a car seat cover instead of placing it under the sun, or in the air. Also, keep your kids away from the vehicle while washing or while waxing and also keep the pets inside.

The wax that we use to protect the paint must be of high quality.The entire process of the car wash, hand dry, and wax will give shine, creating a luxurious look. Wax blocks the sun to a certain extent and the UV rays become less damaging. The wax also protects the car from dirt, pollution, and grit that often stay on the exterior. Though the liquid wax is easier to handle, paste wax is more durable and stays for long. Don’t forget to use the tape to protect the trim from wax. Be gentle with wax and don’t overdo the quantity as it will make the paint dull.

Also, use good paints when you repaint your car or watch it if you get the job done by a workshop. Certain cheap services include the low-quality paints which can’t stay under the sun for a few hours. Try to buy paint by yourself and ask the painter to use that paint. Make sure the painter is an expert and knows his job well because the wrong throws can create uneven surfaces.

Don’t forget to use the sun shades because they also protect car seat cover from fading away or from getting weak. We know how heat melts canvas and leather, making them vulnerable to scratches. Kids often play with seat covers and the sun damaged covers often become are easier for them to put scratches.

Like paint when you buy seat covers for cars, make sure to select the highest quality for a long term use. Thick covers are more functional and block heat and sun rays. On the other hand, some thin covers of high-quality fabric are also helpful. There are some top online stores like the Car Cover World which sell excellent seat covers, sun shades, kits, car heads, accessories, and outdoor covers. The customers place an online order and get their favorite products at their place.

How Helpful Are Car Covers In Preventing The Sun

Don’t use the cover over wet car and let the car completely get dry and then cover it. The covers perfectly prevent the car from the sun if they have multiple layers. A durable cover also protects the car interior. If you use a cover over the wet vehicle it will trap the moisture, affecting the exterior and causing spots. The covers also prevent the paint from fading before time.By following all these preventive measures; one can keep the vehicle in good condition.

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