Maruti Wagon R review new Maruti Wagon R launch

Maruti Wagon R

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has recently announced the launch of its well known Wagon R model on 23 April 2010. Maruti designers have worked to redesign the new Maruti Wagon R and made it a masterpiece. The changes are evident in both inner and outer design of the car. This change also includes a bigger wheelbase and length which has been increased by 40mm and 100 mm respectively. The Maruti Wagon R is powered by the same K series K10 B engine which was used in Maruti Suzuki A-Star, the fresh the fresh 998cc three cylinder engine has got the potential to offer the amazing fuel economy of 18.9 KMPL. This time the new WagonR has been figured with the all possible safety features including ABS, front & rear airbags, fog lamps,defogger, headlamps with blue lens etc. So now you can just grab Maruti Suzuki’s one of the most successful vehicle WagaonR in an all new exciting look.

Detailed review of Maruti Wagon R :

The LPG kit allows the Maruti Wagon R to make better use of fuel allowing it a higher mileage. Wagon R gives a good mileage and makes it a fuel efficient car in its category. Interiors of the car are well flurished with some attractive features, with newly designed headlamps, tail-lights and bonnet. Maruti Wagon R also has attractive external features. The quality of the plastic has been improved in the recent times. Considering the safety features Maruti Wagon R is equipped with crumple zones, ABS, anti-theft system, etc. so prooves to be a better buying option. A good view from the driver’s side makes a better drive of the vehicle.

The maximum power produced when the LPG kit is in use is 57.5 ps at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque produced is 77 Nm at 4500 rpm. The average mileage you can expect is anything between 12 – 16 kmpl, which is quite impressive, given the driving conditions in urban metros these days. The powerful 1061 cc 16V FC, low friction engine gives an incredible performance and provides with an enhanced driving experience. The interiors have been totally revamped for a more sophisticated and a warm look while features like headlamps, tail-lights, bonnet, fuel tank opening, etc. on the exteriors have been modified to keep pace with the classy taste of the urban customers, The quality of the plastic used has been improved in this variant. The safety features like crumple zone, ABS, anti-theft system, etc. make the Maruti Wagon R a must buy. There is surprisingly enough leg room, which means long drives will no longer be a pain. The front seats recline back fully and the ergonomic design makes sure that your back is not stressed while driving. In a nutshell, this car is a must buy if you are looking for a decent priced hatchback that provides a truly remarkable driving experience.

Maruti Wagon R For :

The Maruti Wagon R provides a good fuel efficiency hence improved mileage.
Maruti Wagon R has a powerful and yet silent engine
Maurti Wagon R is embellished with Big electrically operated left and right mirrors
The Maruti Wagon R comes with a Powerful A/C and is Easy to drive.

Maruti Wagon R Against :

The Maruti Wagon R has a few drawbacks it has a poor rear visibility.
The backseat in the Maruti Wagon R is small
It takes time to get used to the gearing system
Though the interiors have changed still its still not good enough to encapture your heart.

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