Toyota Liva price in India & Toyota Liva review

Toyota India recently came up with the Etios now here is a Hatchback vechicle with the name of Liva, the Toyota Liva is 890kg machine powered by a 1.2 Litre engine which generates 80 Horse powers. Company claims that Liva is highly fuel efficient car and will be liked by those who love to go on long drives with a 4×4 cars. The interior is spacious when compared with its rivals.

In addition to hatchback, Toyota will also launch a sedan and also Etios Liva equally diesel-powered 1.4 L 80 HP. The heart pacemaker is similar to those used in the Corolla, but without the turbo.

Toyota has held talks with their counterparts in India to display Liva version 1.5 L with power 88.7 HP. Back to Etios Liva which are launched tomorrow, said the price is priced from 4.5 to 6 lakhs (USD 88.2-USD 117.7 million) per unit.

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  1. MPJ Prakash

    Dec 25. 2010

    Despite their promise for past 6 months,Toyota is unable to show etios or liva in Pune showroom.
    I hope Toyota has learned some lessons from their call backs during the recent past