Yamaha SZ price review and specification

yamaha sz

Yamaha recently launched the size on the basis of quotations AM FZ 153cc engine, which was originally presented at the Auto Expo in New Delhi earlier this year. Contrary to what the target group of the FZ, the objectives of the SZ 150cc entry-level crowd, 125/135cc raw and young people who want a super cool bike at an affordable price.
To get a tab on costs, Hero Honda the same engine in different clothes by adding a few stickers here and there, instala Bajaj different engines to find similar garments, Yamaha good skin redesign of this new bike record makes it look very cool on the market. We take a quick look to analyze what has to offer just the bike.

In contrast to motor-Tuning: The 153cc engine has over quadratic same right to ZP on this bike was to dive back, but in a different state of the pitch to avoid cannibalization. The new engine now produces refined power over 12.1PS FZ AOS 14S. However, both keep their bicycles concentration range of small and medium power at 7500 r / min stealthily.

The numbers tell a different key pair, if only slightly. The maximum torque of SZ produced AM [email protected] lower than in almost FZ 1.2 Nm at 1500 rpm, however, is seen before 4500 compared to 6000 U / min of the ZP, which means that Yamaha says emphasized makes this bike extremely agile and flick-read bike in city traffic.

larger tank: At the oral hearing, a huge reservoir FZ future light bulb. But in reality, SZ a larger tank volume of 14 liters 12 liters ZP. The deposit appears to be quite well with the knee well formed and well-expansion play SZ-X tank. SZ 150 is not the tank ball.

Dimensions: SZ is way longer and higher than the FZ with the dimensions L * W * H (mm) 730 * 2050 * 1100 * Measure 770 * 1970 SZ 1085 to ZP. Although the increase of SZ Yamaha has the shorter distance of 15 mm AA 1335mm 1320mm maintained compared with CP.

Weight reduction: The elimination of excess fat, SZ has lost about 3 pounds. The bike weighs 132kg (pavement)

Rising from a chair height seat height is 802mm high, where FZ OSA has been raised 790mm. This can be a little difficult for the people of the lower ride height feet firmly on the path, but weight loss can make this effect nothing.

Double Shock: As expected, the telescopes were before the fat and Monocross the ZP and are normally thin and classical double-telescoping shock absorber rear.

Thinner tires: To reduce costs and better fuel efficiency, Yamaha has returned to thin conventional tires. Front is 2.75, while the rear is 100/90 AU, both 17 inches. This would also cost of ownership, that these tires are cheap and available everywhere, even with increased power.

The inclusion of a setback: As the AN 150 is supplied with added start of the X-SZ FZ continue the trend, followed by relief at a time and depends only on the electric starter.

Variations: As a brand, ZP, Yamaha offers the size in two versions: the basic version and a Premium 150 SZ, SZ-X

Displacement:    153cc
Engine:    Air-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC
Maximum Power:    12 Bhp @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque:    12.8 Nm @ 4500 rpm
Gears:    5 Manual
Clutch:    Wet Type
Chassis Type:    Not Announced
Cooling Type:    Air Cooling
Fuel Tank:    14.00 ltrs
Wheelbase:    1320.00 mm
Wheel Type:    Alloys
Wheel Size:    17? alloy wheels – 100/90 mm
Colors:    Red, Black

Price on road: 52000

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