BMW Z4 2009 Review

bmw_z4_m_coupeBMW Z4 is a rear wheel drive sports car. The Z4 is a replacement of the Z3. In 2009, the BMW Z4 won the Red Dot Design Award.

BMW Z4 2009 sports a retractable hard top, a departure from any previous two-seat BMW. Retractable hard top replaces the roadster and coupe versions of previous-generation BMW Z4 models with one car.

The 2009 Z4 is offered in three models, the sDrive 23i, sDrive30i and sDrive35i. The sDrive refers to rear-wheel drive. However, there are no xDrive (all-wheel-drive) Z4s.

The Z4 comes in three engine variants viz, sDrive 23i, sDrive 30i and sDrive35i. Both the 23i and 30i will come equipped with a six speed manual transmission as standard and a six speed sports automatic transmission as optional. The top-end Z4 sDrive35i will be powered by advanced engine technology mated to a twin clutch seven speed manual transmission.

The Z4 sDrive 23i can churn out 204 bhp, the sDrive 30i makes 258 bhp and the sDrive35i can give out a whopping 306 bhp.

The Z4 has very spacious interiors and very comfortably seats two. The car has amble head and leg room. The roadster has manual seats and tilt steering column.


The superior supporting of the seat will offers a comfortable experience even for long distance drive. There is an abundance of leather and other materials like wood and aluminium.In 30i, climate control is manual and it is automatic-dual-zone on 35i. The manufacturer has given great importance for entertainment. The car has plenty of audio options including iPod, USB ports, satellite radio and what not. The instrumentation in the car interiors is very helpful and has the appearance of a complete sports car.

The hardtop is a very unique feature in Z4. It is made up of two aluminum shells and is competent to close in around 20 seconds.

The standard safety features in Z4 include frontal airbags, headactive knee protection, roll hoops, and electronic stability, traction and braking controls, /thorax side airbags in the seats, tire pressure monitors and the Park Distance Control will be optional.


Fuel Economy:
8.2 / 16.1 kmpl (city/highway), 23i Petrol
8.4 /16.1 kmpl (city/highway), 30i Petrol
7.4 /14.4 kmpl (city/highway), 35i Petrol

Available Engines :
sDrive 23i, Petrol
sDrive 30i, Petrol
sDrive35i, Petrol

Available Transmissions :
6-speed Manual Transmission (MT)
7-speed Manual Transmission (MT)

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  1. karim s. merchant

    Jan 09. 2011

    it is possible to comvert bmw 316i 1993 to z4. please let me know