Honda Jazz

honda-jazzHonda Jazz an excellent fuel efficient, comes from hatchback car series of Honda Cars.In India Honda launched its jazzy car Honda Jazz in mid 2009.Eco friendly engine technology is one of its special features.
Honda Jazz one of the best premium hatchbacks comes with spacious interiors, i-VTEC thrifty engine and easy handling.The engine is specifically designed to suit Indian roads. It also shows eco-friendly character by complying with Bharat Stage IV emission norms.

Since its launch, the Jazz has sparked a revolution in over 115 countries across the globe and has set new benchmarks by achieving cumulative sales of over 2 million units.


Honda Jazz is designed on the platform of the Honda City with a tapering roof and rising window line . The seats are very comfortable inside the Honda Jazz and can be adjusted according to the comfort of its occupants. Front stabilizer bars, front door pocket, rear door bottle holder, cup holder in front of AC vent and electric power steering all add up to the comfort factors of the Honda Jazz.

Honda Jazz is powered by a responsive 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine offering class-leading power of 89 bhp and an impressive fuel efficiency of 16 km/l (average).The capability of the engine to regulate the valve opening in accordance with engine speed ensures the dual advantage of superior power and low fuel consumption. Combined with the Drive-by-Wire system, the car responds at the slightest touch of the throttle. Power is transferred to the wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission.The light steering and tight turning circle further improves ride quality in the town but the car is not exactly a winner around extremely tight corners. The two front airbags are a very important feature of the Honda Jazz. The Jazz is a smart city car which will come with a 1.2-litre inline-4 petrol VTEC engine keeping in mind the economy demands of this segment here in India. It is also equipped with state of the art ABS Brakes.



Stylish dashboard and neat instrumentation along with the unique and elegant touches.The three-mode “Magic Seat” configuration — utility mode, long mode and tall mode – provides more flexibility for seating and cargo-carrying options.

Front seats are extremely generous but have average legroom whereas the rear seats are comfortable with upward folding capability to ensure versatility. The rear also offers enough legroom, headroom, and storage space.

The car is designed with the ‘Advance Compatibility Engineering’ (ACE) body and ‘G-Force Control Technology (G-CON)’ to disperse impact of energy and ensure safety in case of an accident.

Other standard safety features are dual airbags and pre-tensioner seat belts which provide protection for both the driver and front passenger. The anti-lock brakes with electronic brake force distribution system allow better control in an emergency breaking situation.

Fuel Economy : 14/18 km/l (city/highway), Petrol
Available Engines : 1.2L i-VTEC, 89 bhp, Petrol
Available Transmissions : 5-Speed Manual Transmission (MT)

Main Features :

* Stunning Performer.
* Revolutionary i-VTEC Engine.
* G-Force Con Technology.
* 1.2 litre i-VTEC Engine
* Two Front Airbags
* Taller Size
* ABS Brakes
* Trip Computer
* Foldable Seats
* Large Bootspace

Honda Jazz is available for a price of Rs. 6.98 lakh for the base model to Rs. 7.33 lakh for high end model.

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