F1 cars gear up for Friday’s Korean debut

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Classification will be held in three cases. In the course of 20 minutes the first seven slow drivers on the grid 18-24 and the second race of 15 minutes will decide the order for the next seven drivers. The remaining 10 drivers for the position of the last survey in competition session.As 10 minutes from the Grand Prix of Korea holds its first race of the drivers under the Korea International Circuit are easy to duplicate or not.
For this reason, pilots tend to qualifying starting positions, that a very large impact could focus on the result. Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing leads the standings with 220 points, Racing, Fernando Alonso, the Spanish, the hero of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro and Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull together at 206 second.

The first 10 points awarded on a sliding scale, the winner gets 25, while the 10th Place gets one point. While car drivers, up to 75 points in the last three events, two have to sparkle with Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button alive their slim hopes of winning the championship to keep.

Hamilton is now fourth with 192 points and defending champion 189.Among Button is the fifth with the rider Hamilton, Button, Alonso and F1 legend Michael Schumacher returned to winning the title.

Schumacher has struggled to keep the shape, size led him to produce and is ninth with 54 points. Indian driver Karun Chandhok, the only man to coach the Korean International Circuit in a demonstration in September, her thoughts by the Associated Press to share.

“I think Korea is a different circuit from Red Bull,” said Chandhok. “It showed in the final (final race) in Japan have a good half a second clear of McLaren and Ferrari, (y) in two weeks catching up impossible.

“(The circuit of Korea), three long straights, the McLaren to help, but at turn four, basically all the way left and becomes a bit tedious, the play in the hands of Red Bull.”

The path extends to 5621 km, go straight a 1.2 mile – the longest among the 19 circuits of the world. The drivers 55 laps of the track, but the race is in less than two hours. The season is not just a competition between drivers, but also manufacturers. The constructors’ championship points work the same magnitude as the rider of the competition is, any team, when one of his cars awarded in the Top 10.

Until now, Red Bull, Webber and Vettel in the lead with 426 and the traditional power plant as McLaren and Ferrari with 381 and 334 F1 teams to offer the latest technology in every car that costs 10 billion won ($9 million). Yeongam fans heading for his first Grand Prix would be well advised to take earplugs to the ears like the roar of the machine to save the previous race.

Current Standings Korean Grand Prix

Korean grand prix standings

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