Honda will launch new bikes in Diwali

Diwali is a season where all bike companies try there best to sell  there products here is such step by Honda the premium bike company in India. Honda is looking to cash this festive season. It has been known that the company will launch four new bikes in Diwali 2010
* Honda VTR 250
* Honda CBX 250 twister
* Honda CBR 150R
* Honda CBR 250R

The company is yet to make any official notice on this the above bikes have the following features and specifications:-

Honda VTR 250: Honda VTR 250 is one sleek looking stylish bike from Honda that is available in many European countries. The Honda VTR 250 features a liquid cooled four stroke DOHC 90 degree V-twin cylinder gasoline engine with four valves which produces a ground churning power of 30 bhp and 22 nm of torque. The VTR 250 is powered by PGM-FI technology. The bike has a 296 mm single disc at the front and 220 mm disc at the rear.

Honda CBX 250 Twister: Honda CBX twister is the modified version of the Honda CB Twister. CB Twister has four stroke air cooled 249cc DOHC engine. The bike looks much like Bajaj’s Pulsar with the headlights similar to that of Boxer which are circular in shape. This bike generates a power of 24 bhp with a torque of 24 nm which is very suitable for city riding.

CBX 250 Twister also comes with PFM-FI technology allowing better mileage for 250 cc engine. It also comes with a 276 mm single disc at front and 180 mm drum at the rear. It is expected that this bike will produce a top speed of 160 kmph. The expected price of this bike will be around 1.30 lakh rupees.

Honda CBR 250R: Honda CBR 250R is the younger sibling of the most famous Honda CBR 1000RR. The whole bike looks awesome and its design is inspired from Honda VFR 1200F. Can also be called out as a miniature of the VFR as everything remains the same with the design element in mind. The bike features a Liquid cooled 4-stroke Dual Overhead Camshaft 90° V-twin cylinder gasoline engine.

It also features the same Honda PGM-FI technology with 296 mm single disc at the front and 220 mm disc at the rear with mono shock hydraulic suspension at the rear. This bike also features digital speedometer that is a rip off again from the VFR 1200F. The expected price of this bike is around 1.5 lakhs rupees if we are lucky.

Honda CBR 150R: Honda CBR 150R is the smallest sibling of the entire CBR series from Honda. As per the average biker’s point of view Honda CBR 150R 2011 edition is the most gorgeous bike among all the bikes listed here. Honda is planning to launch the new 2011 edition of this bike in India as it is already launched in Thailand.

The design of this bike is also inspired from the Honda VFR 1200F. The CBR 150R features a 4 stoke liquid cooled 149.4 cc engine which produces the peak power of 18.5 bhp with 16 nm of toque. It also features a 276 mm disc at the front and 220 mm disc at the rear. . the expected price of this bike will be around 1 lakh rupees which is very competitive . The main rivals for this bike will be Yamaha r15 and Hero Honda karizma ZMR.

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