Hybrid two-wheeler ET-120 will launched by Eko vehicles

Hybrid two-wheeler ET-120 by Eko vehicles: In partnership with US-based Emerging Vehicle Technologies, Eko Vehicles has launched a Hybrid two-wheeler called the ET-120.


Runs on an electric motor with a 70cc petrol engine, the ET-120 gives a fuel consumption figure of 120 kpl.

It would cost somewhere around Rs 40,000. This bike would be able to operate for around 20 miles on the electric motor with a top speed of 65km/hour.

ET-120 is the first hybrid two-wheeler, runs on a combined fuel of a 70cc petrol engine and an electric motor.

Another two wheeler by the name of Strike, was also launched. Priced at Rs.22,000 the Strike can be ordered with a battery capacity that suits the customer.

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  1. Raghupathi

    May 14. 2010

    Where do I buy this Hybrid two-wheeler ET-120 by Eko vehicles anything similar hybrid two wheeler.