Tips for buying used and second hand cars Top 7 tips for buying used cars

At times buying used cars can be a good deal for you, if the car is new condition and has been used rarely its a great deal. But at times the car seems new but the engine ruins the fun. So never judge a used car by its outer looks. Though second hand used cars prove cheaper to the customers who are financely not that strong still buying new car on installments can always be a better option.

Go for a test drive which lasts about 1 hour go on the familiar route so that you can concentrate on the car not on the road if its also important to choose the route u use daily to go to office or any other place this test drive tip apply on both the conditions whether you go for a new or the used car but if you are looking for a used car then dont forget to open the boot and tak a look under theĀ  carpet. If you see water where the spare tyr is housed, then this example suffers from the broken or wornout robber seals around the boot lid. Also, check for tell-tale signs of corrosion. Point this out to the seller and haggle hard, telling him the car will need repairs.

Engine Bay: Be suspicious of a squeaky clean engine bay- it may have been cleaned to hide something. Brownish sludge on the inside of the oil filler cap means engine problems- the same applies if you see black or blue.

Tyres: You want plenty of tread on all four tyres. check if the wear is even across the face and all the way around the circumference of the tyre. Also look for gouges, tears and bulges in the sidewalls.

Interior: Replacing interior trim is expensive, so check for tears, burns, and wear in the seats, carpets and the headlining.n Also check the condition of the seatbelts- you might rely on them to save your life one day.

Paperwork: A registration document, servicehistory, and pollution certificate all need to be present. Check that the mileages tally and the number on the car’s plate under the bonnet match with the paper work.

Electrics: Electrical gremlins cause many of the faults on modern cars. Check all the switches for lights, windows, stereo and seats. Dont forget the ventillation system: the air-con should blow hot and cold air without any bad odour.

Bodywork: Colour variation, poor-quality paintwork, uneven panel gaps, and rust are suspicious. Check door apertures, the spare wheel well and under the bonnet for signs of respraying.

Test drive: The steering should be accurate and smooth, the gears easy to select, and the brkes should slow the car effectively without pulling it to a side. You also want the engine to accelerate and pull smoothly. Listen for clunks from the suspension too.

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