Nissan Soon Comes With Its Fuel Efficient Car Nissan Pixo

The car manufacturing company Nissan soon comes with its environment friendly, fuel efficient car Nissan Pixo. This car Pixo powered by next generation K series engine of the Maruti Suzuki A-Star will generate a power output of 66 bhp, but still there is no breakthrough agreement between Suzuki Motor Corporation and Nissan Motor Company.

It was reported earlier that Nissan has contract manufactured the aforesaid model (nearly 50,000 units) to Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), Suzuki’s Indian arm. Maruti, at the time of A-Star’s launch in November last year, had said that it expected to finalise orders from Nissan by early 2009 but has failed to secure one till April 2009.

Nissan Pixo is a five-door, four-seater car with a 1.0-litre fuel efficient engine that expels low carbon dioxide emission.It offers roomy interiors and generous luggage space. The car also houses the best safety features like anti-lock brakes, dual front airbags, and keyless entry. The Nissan Pixo with the best of engineering and packaging, will soon enter the Indian car market.

However, it may be possible that due to recession fears, Nissan have to  cut its orders from Maruti. But, the expected launch date is July 2010, and comes with the estimated price of Rs 5 lakh (approx)

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