Auto Expo 2012 starts in Delhi AutoExpo Delhi Pragati Maidan


New Delhi, the capital of India saw the world’s best car makers come together at the Auto Expo 2012, the 11 Auto Expo which started on Thursday, despite the slowdown in global economy Indian market seems to be better. This is what the car companies wish to take advantage of. The Autoexpo which arrives after every 2 years is expected to expand by 7 percent this year despite the market crisis.
“We now see this as one of the most important shows on the calendar,” Ford’s Asia-Pacific president Joe Hinrichs said on Wednesday, apart from that it is expected that India’s undermined market will be the world’s third largest auto market by 2020.

In a sign of the changing priorities of car manufacturers Jaguar and Land Rover, British Indian conglomerate Tata brands acquired in 2008, decided to skip the Detroit Motor Show to focus on cutting Expo in New Delhi.

Under bright lights, loud music and girls have set for the introduction of 50 new models in the show to accompany a large, clear business logic.

Car buyers are low in India, a country with 1.2 million people live in the two-thirds below the poverty line, but has a growing economy, the millions of new middle-class families and millionaires every year.

The growth of the passenger car market has reached 31 percent in 2010, but declined sharply since because of rising interest rates, higher prices and economic uncertainty.

Automotive Group of the Society of India Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) said sales last month in the month of March, between two and four percent would increase, below the forecast of 16-18 percent a year earlier.

Far from being discouraged by what analysts see as a temporary increase in the French auto giant PSA Peugeot Citroen has announced his return to India after an unhappy alliance, and finally, not with a local partner in the 1990s.

Fellow French manufacturer Renault has relaunched in India in the past year amid a major marketing campaign will launch a new model of leadership and a truck in New Delhi Expo, which ends January 11.

Peugeot, Renault and BMW, the German manufacturer who dominate the obstructed segment in the Indian luxury car market in the face of tough market conditions in national markets and the debt crisis, consumer spending in Europe.

“The current crisis (in India) will remain here as a basis for the growth of car sales, ie, urbanization and the density of cars are still very attractive,” said Deloitte’s advice in a recent study.

India remains a market of small cars that consumers follow the established route for the upgrade of push-bikes motorcycles, cars, and most buyers opt for new models at affordable prices, the lowest dominates the market.

“There will always be the value proposition in India,” Hinrichs said on Wednesday.

Earlier this week launched India-based Bajaj General Motors a new contender for the title of world’s cheapest car, the RE60 small, to compete with the pioneer and locally made Tata Nano in the price.

But there is a lot of car manufacturers looking to impress at the other end of the market.

Ford uses the Expo in New Delhi, is a revised version of its small SUV Civic, which are planted in the rich buyer to be present in search of comfort on the road often overcrowded and in poor India.

A 2011 report found on the rich in India, Capgemini Merrill Lynch that it has 153 000 Indians, the financial assets of over $ 1,000,000, not even the value of their homes.

The search for new species has attracted luxury brands. Ferrari opens first showroom in May last year, while Maserati and Aston Martin did the same.

In addition to the luxury and small cars, electric vehicles will be new manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra, the South Korean brand Ssangyong, which it acquired in 2010 headed.
Auto Expo is being organized at Pragati Maidan in Delhi for details and passes please visit the official website here ==>

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